Last year was great in so many ways and then not so great in a few other ways, especially toward the end of the year. I observed so much grief and loss, I felt like I had to cheerlead my way out of 2016. Several clients called me with big concerns over the funding trends that might be headed our way in the nonprofit industry and the shake up and uncertainty of it all created a ton of anxiety. Everywhere!

Now, on the other side of the holidays, it seems folks are a little less freaked, but many of us still have crinkles in our foreheads and keep the Advil close at hand. I decided that the way I was going to deal with the influx of new (or perhaps) different kinds of stress was to promise to do 30 minutes of yoga every work day and as much on the weekends as my family-friendly schedule allowed. See: A Year of Yoga

But, there are so many other ways to reward our difficult work in the nonprofit arena and over the break I made a short list. This is what I think will work for me, and I encourage you all to try and create your own list. Always open to ideas, so send those on to me as well!

List of things Grace can/will do to LIVE BETTER & TAKE CARE OF HERSELF:

  1. Buy and read good books on a more regular basis (After all, writers gotta read says Stephen King, Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Lamott.)

    Here are my book choices for this month!

  2. Schedule a 40-hour work week and stick to it…pass on projects that take you over that work hour limit
  3. Schedule and honor time in my art studio
  4. Schedule all annual exams and check-ups, including the all embarrassing boob smashing ones
  5. Bake yummy desserts with the kid
  6. Play in the snow, in the sand and in the water as much as possible


What’s on your list?


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