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Diane White

Diane White is the founder and president of Program Design, Inc., a Florida based consulting firm that has been instrumental in closing state institutions, developing curriculum and promoting self-direction for persons with disabilities since 1979.

Diane White is a dynamic speaker, instructor and advocate and a major partner with the Arts In Action team.

Phoebe Yerian Ezell

Phoebe Ezell is the “go to” person for web design, curriculum design and for all things digital including turning your expertise into eBooks for mass consumption! She is a vibrant trainer and instructor and all around busy beaver! You can connect with Phoebe at her BizVisioneers’ offices that she shares with genius husband Will Ezell.

Let her know you learned about her talents from the Arts In Action website!


Windfall is changing the way that organizations identify, understand and engage the affluent.

Windfall was founded by seasoned executives with deep-domain experience in data and data science. Utilizing deterministic data sets and proprietary algorithms, Windfall focuses on providing actionable consumer financial data.

Windfall’s offerings work seamlessly with current systems and workflow so agencies can maximize all of their data efforts. The Windfall team spends time with each customer to make sure they are fully onboarded and can appropriately use the data for their individual needs.

When building a new revenue plan, oftentimes wealth screening can be an integral component on the road to sustainability. The professionals at Windfall collaborate closely with Arts In Action’s team to provide the best path to this unique and powerful fundraising tool.

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