Grace-Anne Alfiero

Arts In Action Consulting, LLC, is a full service consultant firm that assists tax-exempt organizations in achieving their strategic vision.  Arts In Action was founded in 1999 by CEO, Grace-Anne Alfiero, MFA.  We will assist your organization in realizing its full income potential by providing guidance and work product from our expert team of talented professionals.  Arts In Action typically assists agencies wishing to develop new sources of income through social entrepreneurial project assessment and development, public awareness campaigns and through research based grant proposals. Visit the client testimonials section of this website to see what others are saying about Arts In Action. To schedule a meeting to discuss your agency’s next step, contact us at 727-410-3874.

So who’s counting? 2017 was a tough year for many of us, but for Arts In Action, we enjoyed some hard earned success! Even though we have approximately 20 grants that are still pending, we assisted our non profit clients in bringing in over $851,000 in grants and sponsorships this year, (not to mention the $49,500 in sponsorships for BRI and the $2,000+ funds for our first BRI Annual Appeal.) We hope that in the coming weeks we will learn of more grant wins and bring our tally up over the million dollar mark for the 5th year in a row! If your agency is in need of a contract grant writer or just an evaluation of your grant plan, let us know, we are happy to help. We like the “grant win” probably just as much as you do!

Grace-Anne Alfiero, President & CEO

Considered an expert in the non profit industry, Grace-Anne Alfiero, MFA, is uniquely qualified to consult with tax-exempt businesses and corporations. Alfiero has logged over 25 years of advocacy and leadership work in the field of services for persons with disabilities, marginalized populations and in the cultural arts industry. As the past Executive Director and founder of Creative Clay, Cultural Arts Center, Alfiero developed nine innovative and successful programs for persons with disabilities including the self-determination/self-advocacy and employment programs of ARTLINK and ARTWORKS. Now as a consultant, Alfiero works as a professor and as an advisor with academic institutions, non profit agencies, cities and civic groups to manage projects involving training, program development, grant writing, digital storytelling, public awareness and employment initiatives.

Alfiero has published 22 academic offerings related to research, development and the implementation of innovative options for persons with disabilities in formats including print, blogs, websites, DVD’s and e-journals, including publications translated to Japanese and Korean languages. Alfiero has penned more than 800 grant applications and has been awarded over 23 million dollars in grant funds in her tenure as an as a grant writer for several clients throughout America. In addition to her leadership and grant writing experience, Grace-Anne is an award winning photographer, videographer, graphic designer and artist who just completed a Department of Education video project where persons with developmental disabilities were paid as actors and support staff throughout the entire production. In addition, Alfiero led three projects and a curriculum based manual developed specifically for students with disabilities for the Department of Education on 1.) Self-Advocacy 2.) Mentorship and 3.) Directing One’s Own IEP Meeting.

Endorsing Alfiero’s strength as a leader in social media strategy and public awareness initiatives, this month Grace-Anne Alfiero’s LinkedIn profile met the milestone of being in the top 10% of most viewed LinkedIn Profiles.

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