[toggle title=”What types of organizations does Arts In Action work with?”]

Arts In Action typically works with non-profit organizations, foundations, academic institutions, and municipalities. Occasionally our team will assist for-profit businesses with special projects. See what others are saying on our Client Testimonials page.

[toggle title=”How do you determine what we need?”]

After speaking with key personnel, our team will develop a Statement of Work proposal that will cover the execution of your company’s specific needs.

[toggle title=”Do you offer free consultations?”]

Yes! Call 727-410-3874 to schedule a phone call with Grace-Anne.

[toggle title=”What are your rates?”]

Please feel free to fill in the quick contact form on the contact page or email us at gracealfiero@gmail.com and we will send you a current rate sheet.

[toggle title=”How long does your typical project take?”]

Typically Arts In Action projects take anywhere from three months to one year, however we tailor each plan to your specific timeline.


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