Activate Your Life

A single great coaching exercise can transform your future. Activate Your Life brings you 30(!!!) exercises from some of the world’s top coaches. It’s like having a team of coaches on demand.

Two of Arts In Action’s Writers (Danielle Sangita Rottenberg and Grace Anne Alfiero) contributed to this book and each feature a chapter on their niche passions! Email us at to order your copy today!

Amazon Five Star Review

If you believe that mindset is critical for success, this is a book for you. Super easy to read, in 30 bite-sized chunks of tested tools, tips, and techniques, ranging from Danielle Rottenberg’s stress-reducing techniques to Grace-Anne Alfiero’s innovative concept of building “crosswalks” of workplace collaboration. This is a great reminder that fear, stress, burnout, and other emotional liabilities are within our control if we are intentional with our mindset and our actions.

Patrick Jinks

The Jinks Perspective

Would you like to win more grants?  If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, your answer is probably a resounding YES!  Winning more grants means helping more people, transforming more lives, creating more-organizational success and sustainability.

This book outlines a simple plan for you and your team to follow, even with busy schedules and limited time. Reach out to us at to request your copy today!

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