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A full-service communications and consulting firm assisting tax-exempt organizations, charitable endeavors, and 501c-3 agencies in achieving their strategic vision.  Arts In Action, because every agency needs a superhero!


For thirty years the Founder of Arts In Action has been crafting award-winning grant proposals, poignant press releases attracting media attention, thoughtful articles that capture the beauty and resiliency of humanity, and expressive copy acting as your organization’s storefront. At Arts In Action, we know how to communicate your values and capture your audience. Words are our thing!


Arts In Action’s President and all of her Associates are skilled in presenting on a variety of subject matters related to the nonprofit sector to include workshops in Grant Writing, Digital Storytelling, the Activate Your Life Series, Smartphone Photography, Protecting Your Digital Reputation, and the Small Business Incubator Series.


Communicating with your audience through words is only half the battle! Let Arts In Action assist you in developing the design and the imagery needed congruent to your brand. At Arts In Action we have designed many augmentative pieces to include websites, annual reports, program flyers, social media content, marketing plans, and capital campaigns. If you are interested in improving your imagery, but cannot afford a full-time designer, let Arts In Action help you achieve your design goals. In fact, this website is a gallery of our Founder, Grace Anne Alfiero’s design work and photography from photoshoots that occurred around the globe.

Strategic Planning

We know that the driver for strategic planning in high success organizations is the routine periodic process. Arts In Action works with your team to develop your process quickly, while being true to the values of your organization.

Want to achieve your goals? Hire Arts In Action to facilitate your next Strategic Planning Session. Let’s DREAM together!



Check out our most recent blog posts and articles covering topics related to the social service sector, leadership, the cultural arts and high performing organizations.

Leadership Choices, How I Might Have Done It

After college and before I met the man I am married to, I dated a narcissist. During a brutally lengthy five year, on-again, off-again relationship, I was ultimately forced to confront my own control and anxiety issues. Now, my recollections of this time are still...

Lidia’s Legacy

In the early 1990s, I worked for a law office and provided geriatric care management for several of the firm’s clients. We offered family law services, trust, and estate planning, and handled dependency cases. Half of the work was legal in nature, and the other half...

Lunch, Literacy and Some Pivot Programming

Some not so obvious casualties of this COVID-19 pandemic are the auxiliary services previously provided to communities by nonprofit entities before our worlds were flipped upside down. Once a region has developed processes and procedures to support urgent needs for...

The “Help One Artist” Campaign

Most of us know at least one brilliant artist. A painter, sculptor, writer, actor or musician. Someone who perhaps has sacrificed a steady paycheck for the satisfaction of creating within their own vision, folks who are true contributors to our culture. Art influences...

Meadowlark Resilience

Just this week, nature peeked out big and signs of a seasonal change are everywhere. Viridescent laurel leaf buds spider out toward the sky and line our front lawn with the contrasting white pear blooms of our neighbor’s yard. Deep purple hyacinth blossoms encircle...

The Worry Warrior

If I have a superpower, it’s definitely my ability to worry. I come from a long line of worriers. My grandmother was a worrier, my mother is a worrier and I seem to have inherited this flair. And now pandemics have a way of re-igniting this force in me. Stress and...

The Chops to Deal

I’m in my fifties and I’m trying really hard not to freak out! Today, as I headed to Costco, it hit me, my generation has never really experienced anything like this global pandemic and there’s a chance that we don’t have the chops to deal. We’ve tangoed with some...

Ownership vs. Leadership

Just like no one truly owns a beautiful forest and no one truly owns a coral reef, nonprofit organizations were not set up to be owned by any one individual. Sole ownership of a tax exempt entity is counter intuitive and the antithesis of the sectors' original...

Creating A Crosswalk For Collaboration

This week I was on a Skype call with a colleague who lives oversees and we were discussing the challenges of building an effective international work team. Knee-deep into our chat, I stated "it's almost like we have to build a crosswalk, and develop a safe space for...

Photos from the Front Seat

Some people meditate or practice yoga to find balance, others like to go for long walks. Me? The most effective way for me to restore and renew is to hop in my car, pump a full tank of gas and bring along my Nikon DSLR camera with some lenses. Then, I just drive....

Happy Clients

Arts In Action has been writing grants for and advising my nonprofit for six amazing years. Grace Anne has been by my side through some of the hardest times… Every frontline, grassroots nonprofit should have a “Grace”!

- Jennifer E. Frances

Founder and Executive Director, Bess the Book Bus

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