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Sep 30, 2014 Advocacy, News, Photography, Storytelling 2 Comments

As a parent that is diagnosed with a developmental disability, Tricia worried that Brielle would not be on time with all of her cognitive and physical development. But Brielle is right on target and started walking at eleven months old! This has made life easier for Tricia and her husband, but in some ways, more difficult too.


Due to Brielle’s walking, she can now go to a private preschool. This milestone also opens up an opportunity for Tricia, she is hoping to find a job and get back into the world of working. The job hunt has not been an easy task, and Tricia’s disability adds on more challenges. It seems that her experience and degree really don’t mean much to most employers. She’s been on a job hunt for about four years with no luck.


It’s very frustrating to see able-bodied people taking jobs that should go to qualified people with disabilities. Many organizations and agencies that are supposed to assist people with disabilities continue to hire able-bodied people to do jobs that end in making decisions for persons who use adaptive equipment. Tricia feels there are qualified people with disabilities out there in need of a job, but too often are robbed of the chance to show what they’re capable of doing.


Please join Tricia and myself in our campaign to get people with disabilities in high level, leadership positions. We all deserve a better quality of life and it starts with the ability to be financially independent!


-grace-anne alfiero

Working at the Dream Society

Tricia working at The Dream Society booth.


  • Vicki
    Sep 30, 2014 at 9:45 pm Reply

    Tricia is very intelligent and any employer that hired her would be not regret it. She has a lot of experience that is going to waste. Employers need to look at what people CAN DO! You can always adapt work environment it is very easy to do! People complain about people relying on the government to live, but they don’t consider there are people who want to work,but no one will hire them because they see a disability. Wake up America.

    1. g1alfiero
      Oct 15, 2014 at 10:04 am Reply

      Thanks Vicki for your comment! I totally agree! I have loved every minute of working with Tricia to provide these blog posts!

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