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Visual Culture: Incorporating Original Art

Grace-Anne Alfiero and Phoebe Yerian Ezell created a digital presentation for The eLearning Guild’s Online Learning Program in February 2012.

The presentation discussed how Visual Culture defines our civilization and is often the only thing that transcends generations.  As one of the greatest gifts of all artists; leading with their senses and making a lasting impact, the presentation illustrated the guidelines for the collaborative role of artists in creating outstanding presentations.

The presentation helped all discover, identify and tap into the artistic resources of their community, and then showed how to locate, find, and even contract for original artwork in their community. Additionally they shared some dynamic examples of putting creativity to work, no matter the authoring software for eLearning, bringing their projects’ spark and memorable uniqueness. By the end of the presentation, participants were able to easily and effectively use “raw vision” to inspire enthusiasm and support their eLearning vision.

You can view a portion of the Visual Culture Presentation on Prezi.

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