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Digital Storytelling as a Bridge


Mar 19, 2014 Grant Writing, Photography, Presentations , , 1 Comment

This morning, in the weee hours before a California sunrise, it occurred to me why I like digital stories so much as a method of communication.  Digital Storytelling can be a mighty bridge.  An effective way to get folks to see your point of view, folks who may not typically see things from your perspective. During my 16 year tenure as a leader of a non-profit cultural arts center, I can remember many situations when, if I were armed with an effective 2 minute digital story, the results of those situations may have turned out differently…and by differently, I mean better. And by better, I mean more funding, more partnerships, more understanding.

Until humans can communicate 100 words in a second, photographic images remain one of the best ways to get a point across. And if you can put powerful images together in a story that has three acts and an effective and concise call to action, then you have the chance to bridge your intentions with your viewers. And by viewers, I mean benefactors.

Be the bridge! And send me some effective digital stories so I can highlight them for you and share with my readers!

By the way, a few of you have asked me about this featured image of the bridge, I took it yesterday on the bay in San Diego and I used the Camera+ App on my iPhone (cost $.99) to first take the image, then apply 3 filters, each on top of the other…in this order:

1.) Saturation filter in “the Lab”

2.) Cross Process filter in “Filter”

3.) Frame “Dark Grit”

(I always frame last, that’s just how I roll!)


send me some of your favorite images from your iPhone and/or digital stories to: gracealfiero@gmail.com!


  • Amy Woodard
    Mar 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm Reply

    People learn in so many different ways and technology is lending its’ hand to bridging the gap in learning. I’m really excited to use this app and to share it with the folks I work with! Hope you have good times on the west coast! – Amy

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