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Client Testimonials

“Living by example Grace-Anne has helped Evergreen Life Services plan, develop and implement cultural arts programs in many of our Texas locations. Her combination of fine arts knowledge and service delivery systems for persons with disabilities is the reason why these programs have been set up for success. Grace-Anne also applies her creative and skillful grant writing to each application she submits. Her attention to detail, timeliness, and professionalism is why I keep contracting with her year after year, even when I have changed jobs, I have brought Grace into my new projects because Grace gets results. Grace is just so good at everything she has the “Midas” touch!”

Sue Buchholtz, MBA
Evergreen Life Services

“Grace-Anne’s expertise helped ECHO¬†tremendously. With her assistance, in one year we more than tripled the amount we were receiving through grant funding. Grace-Anne helped ECHO get to the next level! Now that I am the Executive Director of the SPCA in Pinellas County, Florida, I plan to work with Arts In Action again!

Stacey Efaw
Former Executive Director of ECHO

“Grace has an impeccable work ethic and is excellent at researching grants and also grant writing! She has helped our organization grow, but more importantly, she has guided us in creating a unique Measurement Matrix that is assuring our programs are implemented successfully and upheld with fidelity.”

Ian Welsch
Founder and CEO

“Working with Grace-Anne has taught me both the practical and finite aspects of engaging the community in a mutually beneficial way. Grace-Anne shared all her knowledge from years of creating, growing, and running an impactful and prosperous non profit in the Tampa Bay area. Specifically, she taught me how to get the word out about my program and to use what you’ve got by tapping into resources. Her innovation, enthusiasm, and passion are contagious and matched only by her ability to set ideas into motion! Grace-Anne is fierce, friendly, and unforgettable, which are essential when advocating for a program that changes the lives of youth who are often left out of the postsecondary and employment conversation.

If she made this much of an impact on Project 10 STING RAY in just one summer, just imagine what Grace-Anne could bring to your organization. If any one person can make a difference in your community or your organization, it is Grace-Anne Alfiero!”

L. Danielle Roberts-Dahm
Learning & Development Facilitator
Project 10: Transition Education Network

“I have had the pleasure of working with Grace in her capacity as a grant writing consultant at the non-profit at which I am employed. Grace’s enthusiasm for her work, dedication to her clients’ mission and sheer tenacity in getting the job done is truly remarkable. She has been an inspiration to me in so many ways- her passion for her work is infectious.”

Susanne Wherry, Esq.
Legal Counsel for TALK Institute & School

“As a business owner nothing is more refreshing than working with someone who cares about your business like you do. Grace-Anne always meets timeframes and goes out of her way to anticipate what our needs are…saving PlacementWorks time and money!”

Christy Boccabella-Brown
Founder & CEO

“Grace really helps me stretch my thinking about programming and brings new insights in how to position our work to increase funding opportunities.”

Marian Winters
Executive Director
VSA Florida

“I am a huge fan of Grace-Anne Alfiero. Grace transports energy, knowledge, and a tremendous amount of experience in bringing a strategy to life. She is a valuable asset and key contributor during every conversation. Her insights to positioning and how to best serve clients is unparalleled; what a pleasure to have someone with the ability to take charge with little guidance, exceed delivery expectations, collaborate with others, and be forward thinking.”

Joy E. Taylor, MBA
Owner/Partner, TayganPoint Consulting Group, LLC

“Grace-Anne’s creativity, attention to detail and technical skills make her a pleasure to work with. I feel so fortunate to have Grace also mentoring some of my non profit management students. Grace is a great example of passion, talent, and the ability to set goals and achieve them.”

Sara Faircloth, Director
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program, Georigia College
President of 2013 Blue Ridge Institute for Southern Community Service Executives

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Grace-Anne Alfiero from Arts In Action Consulting. She has the ability to take the passion that drives your organization and translate that into concise language and understandable budgets for grant panel members. You can count on Grace to be efficient, professional and qualified. She will help you articulate your need and get it on paper!”

Karen Peterson
Artistic Director
Karen Peterson & Dancers

“An enthusiasm for teaching, a high level of competence, and unparalleled attention to detail is what you can expect from your experience with Arts In Action. Whether it is writing grants, mentoring nonprofit and for-profit organizations, or providing workshops on associated topics, Arts In Action brings creativity and professionalism to all its projects.”

Kathy Iwanowski
President & CEO, Creative Health Partners, LLC

“Arts In Action is truly unique. The CEO, Grace-Anne Alfiero has built the organization one brick at a time from the ground up. The foundation is strong and based in reality not simply theory because Grace started her career in social work as a support coordinator. I am so thankful that Grace has now dedicated her full attention to the advancement of state and private programs, and advocacy for our most vulnerable citizens. She was ahead of her time twenty years ago and remains so today. Arts In Action has a bright future and so do the people who have the opportunity to work with Grace.”

Diane K. White
President, Community Support Network

“Grace has the unique ability to observe and analyze a current state then ascertain a truly amazing way to reinvent a program, an image, or even raison d’etat. She comes with an abundance of ideas, work ethic and encouragement. Believe me, you want her on your team.”

Christy Hallas
TayganPoint Consulting

“I was told by one of my very first employers, if you get the chance to meet with certain people you clear your schedule and you make it happen.” I’m telling each of you Grace is one of those people! If you take one meeting this year it’s gotta be with Grace. Working with Grace has been one of the biggest blessings and privileges in my life. Grace is not only a consultant; she is a mentor and friend. Her talent and guidance has empowered me to push the envelope to do things I thought and was told by others I couldn’t do for another ten years into my career. I’m living the life I want to live right now and it’s because of Grace and Arts In Action Consulting.”

Amy Woodard, M.S.W.
HDSA Social Worker